Entombed, Crowbar, Pro-Pain, and The Mighty Nimbus - February 11, 2005 - Back
Candlelight USA Winter Tour

Northern Lights
Clifton Park, NY
Well after about a 3 hour drive my friend and I finally got to our destination…Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY. When we walked in Pro-Pain was just starting, so we realized to our disappointment that we had just missed The Mighty Nimbus. But we did grab a beer and started having fun.

It was a really good show, and besides the couple incidence where people were escorted out of the pit to the parking lot, it was a relatively calm crowd. Pro-Pain probably got the crowd going the most, and surprisingly the majority of the audience left after Crowbar and missed the headliner Entombed. I personally was looking forward to all bands, especially Entombed. The last time I had a chance to see them was for only 2 songs at Milwaukee Metalfest a few years ago.

Pro-Pain was tight and crisp all night, and I was lucky enough to heard them play “Stand Tall,” probably my all-time favorite track by them. They played quite a selection; I believe something from just about every album. I’d say they probably pleased the crowd the most.

After Pro-Pain was Crowbar, which is another band I never got to see a whole show from. A newspaper in Syracuse printed the wrong time when I went to go see them in 1998. Kirk always seems to be comfortable on stage. He probably is as relaxed on stage as he is at home. The crowd was in a trance for Crowbar, and the moshing was slow and heavy like the band’s riffing.

I moved up to the front of the pit for Entombed because the whole area was just about empty. It just blows my mind that a bunch of people from the Albany area weren’t metal enough to stay for the headliner. Enough of my ranting, it actually made the show better for me. I could watch them play and didn’t have to worry about the pit. These Swedish metalers were awesome and the metal fans that were left went crazy. A couple of the Pro-Pain members ended up in the pit during Entombed…you could tell they were having a great time.

The mix worked nicely for the instruments all night for the bands, but the vocals cut out a few times, so you couldn’t hear them at all. When they were there they were generally good, I’d probably up their levels a little bit.

Everyone played with a lot of energy and made the long trip to the show a thing of the past. The only problem we had all night was the drive home, the closer we got to central New York, the more snow we saw, and it turned into a four and a half hour drive back. Oh well, it was still worth it!!

Rating: 87

Reviewed By: Jeffrey D, Adkins