Hypocrisy - February 2, 2006 - Back
Annihilation of the Wicked - World Tour 2006
Rochester, NY - Penny Arcade

First off I’d like to thank Nuclear Blast for providing me passes for the show…a show well worth the venture even if Hypocrisy was touring alone. Hypocrisy was awesome!! They should have been the headliner! OUTSTANDING!! In my opinion, they took the show, but we’ll get into that after a brief description of the other bands.

The evening started off when I arrived at the Penny Arcade in Rochester, NY. My friend and I got there at the perfect time. Got in, got some drinks from the bar, and With Passion took the stage. I was actually surprised at first, didn’t know they were gonna be their along with Raging Speedhorn. Both bands played a decent set, but nothing really close to the style of the main bands like Nile and Hypocrisy; I was even a little disappointed they were there.

Poland’s Decapitated took the stage second. It was the first time I’ve had a chance to see them. The brutal metal onslaught got the audience going. There was some decent moshing and some headbanging. Decapitated is a pretty good live band, I give them a thumbs up.

Nile and Soilent Green had nice sets too. They definitely had the crowd moving, some nice pit action…even to the point of causing some trouble. A song or two after Nile took the stage Dallas yelled at the crowd for pushing his monitors. Which is absolutely fine in my opinion. Nothing’s worse when your trying to perform and people start messing with your shit. Still, it kinda reminded me of a grade school teacher yelling at a student that did something stupid. Sucked for Dallas, but I kinda thought it was a little funny how he said it. At least no one messed with setup for the rest of the show. Nile and Soilent Green held their own, as they often do.

As for Hypocrisy, right after Soilent Green got off stage I moved myself up close to the front, and in the pit. I think the anticipation of seeing the Swedish metallers in my area was half the fun, but let’s give the credit where it’s due. From the very first note of the intro people started packing the pit, and as soon as Peter and crew went on stage, the crowd went nuts!

Not only were there more people up front for Hypocrisy than any other band during the night, but they also got the crowd going more than any other band. Absolute professionals! They played to the crowd, and even had crowd surfers in a gathering of probably a couple hundred people; it was at a relatively small venue.

The band played a selection of tracks off there last couple discs, but didn’t forget about their early, more guttural stuff either. I was having so much fun throughout the show I wasn’t following closely what tracks they played. However, they did favor their newest disc the most.

I know they played “Let The Knife Do The Talking” and ended the set with another track off their latest CD “Virus.” Besides that “Incised Before I’ve Ceased,” “Pale Empty Spheres,” “Warpath,” and “Inferior Devoties” I believed were all played. That was only half the set, next time I’ll have to grab the set list so I can just list all the tracks.

There was lots of hair flying on and off the stage (the pit). The death metal vibe was felt throughout the pit and the venue…the place was electric. From the melodic rhythms to the heavier punching riffs, everything was precise, loud and totally metal. A heavy onslaught of drums and bedeviled, intense screams and growls made it one of the best performances I’ve seen. Well done!

To tell you the truth if it was only Hypocrisy it could have been a better show overall…after six bands, a couple I didn’t really need to see, and a little less than six hours of being on my feet, I had two tired legs and one foot with no feeling in the heal. But, I guess you really can’t call it a good metal show unless you get some sort of injury in the pit. I’ve seen Hypocrisy at least a half dozen times now, if you get a chance to see them, don’t hesitate, just go…it’s worth your time and money. Put your metal horns up for Hypocrisy!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins