Mot–rhead, Rose Tattoo, and Airbourne - October 8, 2007 - Back
Australian Tour
Sydney, AUS - Enmore Theatre

Australian and New Zealand's headbanging elite were out in force to see one of England's greatest exports Mot–rhead ripping it up and bursting ear-drums during the bands recent tour. Returning to our shores after a very successful tour during Dec. 05 with American bad boys M–tley Cr¸e, fans welcomed the news that Mot–rhead would be headlining their own series of shows.

It seemed like it wasn't so long ago that Lemmy had said he'd never play in Australia again, now all of a sudden two tours in just under two years! This was a dream come true for Mot–rhead fans who were quick to purchase tickets to see arguably one of the loudest bands on earth. The shows sold-out in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland making this a very successful tour indeed! In New Zealand as fast as promoters were plastering billboards with posters for the tour, fans were ripping them down to keep as souvenirs proving that metal is thriving, alive and well in our part of the world once again!

I attended Mot–rhead's Sydney Enmore Theatre show on Sunday October 8, 2007. Missing out on seeing the boys with M–tley Cr¸e, I was quite excited to finally witness the band live and was curious to see just how loud they played. Opening the show was Australia's latest hard rock sensations Airbourne who played to a very large curious crowd. Most people I had spoken with wanted to see Airbourne just to see what all the fuss was about and it seemed like they went over very well with the majority of the crowd. There's nothing wrong with hearing a great rockin' opening band, especially loud as was the case for Airbourne. I enjoyed the bands set-list and loved hearing their latest single 'Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast', but to me, it's all been done before and they were nothing new and spectacular to watch.

Next up on the bill were legendary Australian bad boys Rose Tattoo. It had been a few years since I last saw Angry Anderson and gang on stage so I was really excited to watch the guys live. No matter how many times you have seen Rose Tattoo, they always seem to put on an energetic and outrageous performance. When Angry walked onstage it was clear to everyone that he had been partying a little too hard backstage. Angry looked plastered as he walked up to the microphone with bourbon in hand! The guys kicked on a jam packed rockin' set playing classics Tatts tracks such as 'Bad Boy For Love', 'Nice Boys Don't Play Rock And Roll' as well as killer new tracks such as the bands latest single 'Black Eyed Bruiser' from their latest album Blood Brothers. Watching the band play was amazing Geordie Leech on bass was rockin' out in his own world a lot of the night with his eyes closed, you could just tell the music was taking him on a ride back in time to the good old days and Paul De Marco was amazing to watch song after song behind his kit. Both Mick Cocks and Dai Pritchard were outstanding on guitars as was to be expected and of course Angry was every bit the superstar that we all know and love.

For me the highlight of the tatts set-list was 'Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw', which has always been one of my favorite Australian rock songs. Over the course of Rose Tattoo's set a drunken Angry would approach the microphone with at times some very incoherent rambles which I found amusing to watch. At one point he said "give Airbourne a hand", "Who's fuckin' idea was that"? I roared laughing that was one of the best lines I have heard from one band to another, hats off to Angry for that one! Throughout the night he would approach the microphone with Motorhead chants that were in one sense exciting and in another extremely hilarious to watch, for the most part you could see a lot of the audience didn't know what the hell was going on and just stared at Angry like robots but myself and the crowd of people I was with definitely seen the humor behind a drunken Angry's chants. All in all Rose Tattoo are everything you would expect to see from such a legendary hard rock band, they hit the stage with a powerful presence and 110% insane, kick you in the crutch Australian rock n roll. If you still haven't witnessed Rose tattoo live make sure you catch one of their upcoming shows for a killer night out.

Finally the wait was over and Mot–rhead were about to take to the stage. The crowd let out a deafening roar as Lemmy, Mickkey and Phil took to the stage. Lemmy walked up to the mike and said "We are Mot–rhead and we play rock n roll" and BOOM! The show was off to a rip-roaring start. Without any doubt, Motorhead are the greatest trio I have ever witnessed live. Musically I have never seen a tighter trio and never in my life have I seen any band this LOUD! As the night progressed the sweat was dripping as I was headbanging along to crowd favorites such as 'Ace of Spades', 'Going to Brazil' and 'Overkill' . Lemmy now in his sixties looked fantastic up close and sounded as amazing live. Phil Campbell showed the audience why he's held up as one of the world's greatest players. Phil's live presence is nothing short of amazing, watching Phil onstage you can't help but feel yourself getting more into the bands performance. As Mot–rhead played tracks such as Just 'Cos You Got The Power and Going to Brazil I found myself watching the thunderous drumming of the one and only Mickkey Dee. Through-out Motorhead's set I would scan the crowd and I was amazed to see such a broad age of fans from young guys and girls in their late teens to fans who were in their fifties and all were having a great time.

As a drummer, after seeing both Vinny Appice recently touring with Black Sabbath and now Mickkey Dee with Mot–rhead, I was blown away. These phenomenal drummers are at the top of their game and you have to remember, they aren't in there twenties anymore! Both Vinny and Mickkey had provided amazing drum solos at there respective shows. Mickkey Dee's thunderous solo was phenomenal to say the least. I stood in the front row watching him bashing those drums as the double kick rumbled with my jaw almost hitting the ground. I remember walking away from the show thinking to myself that these younger drummers have a lot to learn about technique and showmanship after watching Vinny and Mickkey live in recent months.

All night long Phil was signaling to the sound desk to turn it up, I remember spotting him on a few occasions doing this and thinking to myself "you have to be fuckin' kidding"! As with each song the band progressed to be a little louder than the previous song, at no time was the sound too distorted to bear and let's be honest watching any metal band the louder the better! I had heard a lot of people say that they didn't enjoy Mot–rhead anywhere near as much as Rose Tattoo and that Lemmy was boring live. I must disagree here, yes Rose Tattoo are an amazing live band but Mot–rhead are in a league all on their own. Lemmy was more mesmerizing to watch than boring, you would have to be kidding if you thought Lemmy wasn't a great bass player, and his vocals are top notch which in itself is amazing after so many years of abuse.

'Killed by Death' was no doubt the highlight song for me on the night. I don't think I would have cared about any of Mot–rhead's set-list as long as 'Killed by Death' was in there. That is the song that introduced me to Motorhead at the age of seven years old and has always been one of my favorite Mot–rhead tracks aside from 'Orgasmatron' which the band didn't play! It had been a while since I had done some headbanging but there was no way I was passing up the opportunity when those opening chords rang out!

In all, the night was one that I will remember for some time to come. For four days following the show my hearing was at an all time low, with high end ringing constantly. I can't recall any other band having such an effect on me to this point. Now that Mot–rhead have graced our shores two years running hopefully we will see the guys doing the Australian trek on a more regular basis. If you missed out on seeing Mot–rhead this time around you will forever kick yourself for missing one of the greatest and loudest rock n roll concerts on earth. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for their return!


Reviewed By: Cameron Edney