New England Metal and Hardcore Festival 9 - April 27 & 28, 2007 - Back
Worcester, MA - The Palladium

The New England Metal And Hardcore Festival once again awed and brutalized fans in Worcester, Massachusetts. For the 2007 edition of the festival it was brought back to a two-day festival. The last couple it was expanded to three days. It seems that the two-day format works better as there is less band that could be classified as unknown or filler. Actually the line for the fest was jam-packed for two days. Definitely making you feel that you got your money’s worth.

Once again the venue was packed to the rafters. On the main level the only place to park yourself when your legs got tired from standing was on the edge of the stairs or against the outer walls, until the balcony opened up. The balcony is usually blocked off until the second stage closes in the evening. A gaggle of vendors overlooks the second stage area giving buyers motivated music to listen to while they ponder the merchandise and make their purchases. Anything from CDs, t-shirts, posters, stickers, etc. all there with your favorite bands logo on them. Hell they even had Dimmu Borgir drink coasters!

Headliners for the fest can be considered among the best in the business. Friday night is was Devildriver, Bury Your Dead, Behemoth and closing out the night Dimmu Borgir. Saturday’s headliners included The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, and Cannibal Corpse ending the festival on an exclamation for me. But there was still more…a one-time special Metal Blade jam featuring members of As I Lay Dying, The Red Chord, Armored Saint, and Demiricous. They ended the fest with covers of songs like Metallica’s “Hit The Lights,” early era Slayer tunes and a Diamondhead song.

Many great bands played over the weekend. Highlights on Friday for me included Nachtmystium, Kataklysm, Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir. On Saturday, Goatwhore, Impious, God Dethroned, Lizzy Borden, The Black Dahlia Murder and Cannibal Corpse all made the show for me. For the fest either God Dethroned, or Cannibal Corpse took the show…both were outstanding!

The only really disappointments of the fest was Cellador and Dark Tranquillity canceling. And this was after Dark Tranquillity replaced Satyricon. Oh well, what can you do? It still was well worth the trip.

As you can see there are tons of reason why metal fans should check out the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest. If you haven’t gone to one of these fanatical shows yet, and you consider yourself a metalhead, you need to get off your ass and go! I’m looking forward to next years already!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins