Sevendust, NonPoint, Wicked Wisdom, Socialburn, and One - January 28, 2006 - Back
The Extreme Rock Tour Package
Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory

Perhaps this could very well be the most intense rock tour package to run across north America in this new year of exciting shows to hit Philadelphia Pa. In fact the best place in Philadelphia to see any type of concert period is at the famous Electric Factory, where more bands have graced this venue for more then ten straight years.

The year couldn't be more exciting enough to catch this great event with a headlining slot with Sevendust, who are just an incredible band to witness in any given live rock show. Even with just one line up change and a new label under their belt, nothing has stopped Sevendust from achieving their common goal which is to kick your ass with the most intense live show ever in 2006.

The whole show kicked off extremely early with a great performance from this Band who call themselves One, not your average band mind you, yet they signed onto the tour as part of the package with Sevendust to promote their debut CD. The band sounded great for the short amount of time they were given to warm up the fans at the electric factory. The Band One performed a few tracks off their self titled release- " Control Freak ", " Breakdown ", " Stand True ". The Band who call themselves One had gotten full sound at the show but didn't get a full well lit light show. Mainly a few gels here and there and a occasional well lit guitar solo or something but overall a job well done for this Florida based band who has never played in Philly until this recent tour with Sevendust

A quick set change and bam, ready to go again with a thirty minute set from another Florida based quartet known as Socialburn. It's hard to real describe their music as per say alternative or metal, yet it's more complex to actually give it a certain title from never seeing this band ever play in my home town of Philly. With just two releases including The Beauty Of Letting Go, Socialburn reminds me of the nineties alternative bands with a twist especially in their live show at the electric factory. The front man vocals crisp and clean, the guitar work quite satisfying to say the most about this band from what they played from their current CD.

Next up at the electric factory, none other then Wicked Wisdom. For those who aren't familiar with this outfit here's the quick rundown. This band fronts with Jada Pinkett Smith that should say enough right there. After catching this band at last year's momentous OzzFest, they seem to grow on you after the first song, yet getting booed off the stage at a sold out show isn't what I myself would want to hear at a concert event much like this one. However, Jada does have the pips to belt out some tunes let me tell you. I do give her a hell of a lot of credit to put together a band and set out to tour. Once again a quick set with this band something like five to eight songs performed. Despite the short set, Wicked Wisdom can still rock the house. Nothing completes a show with double guitars and loads of head banging like a true rock fan even coming from Jada who displays the true meaning of head banging.

One more set change, this time the factory is set to the tone a brutal performance with Nonpoint. I myself had a chance to see them once or twice over the past few years, definitely unique blend of heavy hitting songs with melodies tossed in for good measure. I truly like this bands attitude with their live show, the pure power pipes of Elias surly displays the aggression in their music. He works the stage, gets the fans into the music and encourages the pits to flow about in front of the stage and oh yes, Philly is well known for some vicious pits. Rounding out their show with songs from To The Pain among others including the title track and " Alive and Kicking ".

There is quite a lot I can say about the headliner on this tour, Sevendust is perhaps one of my favorite bands period. Never a bad show, sound is way up there to a point that the bass cabinets in front of the stage vibrate does that say something about this five piece quintet from Atlanta, Georgia? This year alone Sevendust set out to showcase one of their finest performances in Philadelphia in 2006. Is ninety minutes enough for Sevendust to completely conquer any concert of theirs at any given moment, perhaps not, but more so enough to leave you saying hell yea, Sevendust once again rocked Philly with their new axe man Sony Mayo who fits like a glove on stage with the rest of band. The power and glory that Sevendust possesses is not only an ass kicker live, they run through songs with much like a blink of an eye.

Once again Sevendust not only performed their famous hits, they also focused in on some newer material from Next which is not only a smokin' CD, its perhaps the finest works from this band to date. Opening the sizzling set with two Tracks off of Next with " Hero " and " Ugly " to superior tracks of " Black " , " Trust ", and " Praise".
Yet just watching this band shred through songs is amazing to say the most. Perhaps just watching the entire band work the stage generates this vibe with the fans where you can see each member mouth the words to each song with the fans, how cool is that.

The melodies and guitar work from Sevendust at this show simply brutal, Lejon's voice in rare form as he belted out the most intense showcase one can witness live.

Overall I would have to say it was a great night for music once again in Philadelphia, loads of loud rock, lots of moshing, and of course the famous Philly circle pits generally makes a concert experience worth while.


Reviewed By: Steve Trager