The Darkness and After The Fall - April 14, 2006 - Back
Cumin' Atcha Live: The Darkness World Tour 2006 - Tour of Australia
Sydney, AUS - Big Top, Luna Park

Before I even arrived at the venue I already knew that I was in for a fantastic show. Already witnessing the raw live energy of The Darkness at the 2004 Big Day Out Festival I expected this show to kick just as much ass.

This was my first concert in attendance under the Big Top at Luna Park and I was quite impressed with the venue. No matter where you stand you can see the stage with very minimal obstruction & the sound is equally distributed throughout the room. It’s a venue I will be happy to attend again for many more gigs down the track.

First band for the night was Australia’s own After the Fall, honestly to keep it short and sweet they should have been on after The Darkness, that way no one would have endured thirty minutes
of boring put me to sleep music. I am sorry there seemed to be a few people into it down the front but for the most part it was just a great excuse to stay at the bar and order another drink.

Rock DJ Motherfucker kept the crowd entertained in between bands by playing some classic rock & metal tunes such as Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast, Van Halen’s Panama & AC/DC’s Shoot to Thrill.

9:26 pm the house lights dimmed & the intro music was cranked up. Taking the stage one at a time all four members were greeted by three thousand screaming fans, pumped up and ready to party. With the opening chords of ‘Knockers’ the crowd went off and for the next eighty minutes The Darkness delivered a powerful & exciting performance. No doubt in my mind that the crowd was over the moon with the set list that the guys had compiled playing songs such as ‘Growing on Me’, ‘I believe in a thing called Love’ and ‘Hazel Eyes’. The biggest crowd pleaser of the night was undoubtedly ‘One way Ticket’ as soon as this song started the crowd seemed to surge to the front raised arms singing each and every word.

Stand out tracks for myself consisted of ‘Get your hands of my Women’, ‘Black Shuck’ ‘Is it just me’, Love on the Rocks and the AC/DC Thunderstruck/Highway to Hell medley which I was not expecting. Anytime a
foreign band plays ac/dc tracks live you know they are going to get a great reaction from the crowd & this show was no exception. When bass player Richie Edwards walked up to the mike stand and started screaming ‘THUNDER’ I didn’t know what the fuck was going on! As he progressed to belt out the first verse I stood there just hoping we were about to hear 30 minuets of AC/DC classics. Hats off to Richie who can definitely belt out those Acca Dacca tunes.

The one thing that really surprised me was how little Justin spoke to the crowd between songs, most bands are happy to waste twenty minutes of the night dribbling bullshit to the crowd a perfect example of this would be Paul Stanley, but not these guys. It was song after song with very little pause which I
found to be a little refreshing. The band topped of the night with Justin up on the shoulders of a roadie being walked around the audience as he played guitar! This is the one thing I never witnessed at the 2004 shows but after seeing it I couldn’t help thinking of seventies live footage of AC/DC doing the same thing. As great as it is to see a band incorporating that into their act I would like to think that The Darkness could be a little more original.

Each and every audience member left the venue with a smile on their face doing their best drunken Justin Hawkins impressions belting out their own versions of ‘Given up’, ‘One way Ticket’ & ‘Stuck in a Rut’. Overall the show was a hit with all in attendance including myself.


Reviewed By: Cameron Edney