Death Metal - A Documentary (Bill Zebub Productions/Music Video Distributors) - Back
Warning…this is a real Death Metal documentary, made of and by Death Metal heads. Anyone that needs to be informed on Death Metal needs watch this. Especially those people that don’t listen to death metal and claim that there is no talent in it and it’s a wall of sound. The information about Death Metal on this disc is great. “Death Metal: A Documentary” explains about the origins, how things developed, how to tell what is death metal, the scene, record production, distribution, contracts and more. As you can see, they cover just about everything you can think about. Interviews with musicians from Death Metal bands comprise the majority of this DVD and clarify all the previously mentioned topics. Everyone that contributed to this disc makes valid points about Death Metal. Some of the more well know Death Metal players include James Murphy, Danny Lilker, and Peter Steele in which he talks about his days in Carnivore to Type O Negative. Many more musicians are interviewed including members from Mortician, Malignancy, Immolation, Amon Amarth, God Dethroned, etc. Everything from live shots to back stage and from home to work, Bill Zebub covers just about every detail with the subject matter. There are even some music videos mixed in. Obviously, if there was a class for Death Metal 101, this is what they would show on the first day, but there are a couple things that I have to complain a little about. The quality of this DVD is not as good as you would hope it would be, but it’s about what you would expect for something without a huge production budget. And the other thing is the organization of the content. It could be improved, it’s seems a little unsorted or the production was rushed. Not bad for the first real Death Metal documentary. There are a few more things on this DVD besides the documentary, including the Grimoire Girls. For those that have read Grimoire of Exalted Deeds you should know what I am talking about. On this DVD there are some picture from the magazine scrolling across the screen with Death Metal music in the background. Its nothing to spectacular but it deserves a look. As a huge Death Metal fan myself, I felt a great deal of pride while watching this DVD. It’s about time there is a worthwhile documentary on Death Metal, nicely done!

Rating: 74