Dismember - Live Blasphemies (Escapi Music) - Back
Dismember’s first DVD, Live Blasphemies, introduces these Swedish death metal gods from the very beginning to the here and now. There are 2 discs accompanying this most prestige and long-awaited offering! The first disc is a live set taken from Klubben in Stockholm, Sweden featuring classics like "Of Fire," Skin Her Alive" and "In Death's Sleep" to name some. The second disc is a documentary of how Dismember came to be and remains to be. It covers just about everything from demo-days to nowadays and what they do/did in preparations for shows, off-set memorandum, and an in-depth interview with Matti, Fred, and David! To me, the documentary is by far the most precious of the two discs. Mainly because you get to see how Dismember labored through the good times and the bad as people, not just idolized musicians. Although, I love hearing the classics played in near flawless clarity in a live setting. The only setback was that most of the material has been dubbed in Swedish tongue (but with English audio, too I think) with English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish sub-titles. I guess it's better to hear their own, first, language to make the package more authentic. Besides, I don't mind reading - it's very educational. Maybe you'll pick up on some Swedish too!! Anyways, this DVD is a MUST have for ANY death metal fan!!! If you can't get your eager hands on this in a store close-by, I believe you can get it via the Dismember home page OR Escapi Media. Very much worth what ever you pay for it!!!!

Rating: 95

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell