Force of Evil - Evil Comes…Alive (Escapi Music) - Back
Here we have “Evil Comes…Alive” the first DVD from Force of Evil. This is a surprising release, in that they only have one CD out. It’s kind of odd to release a DVD, especially a live DVD, when you only have one disc. Anyhow, the lineup is filled with names synonymous with metal, particularly eighties metal. Great musicianship of guitarists Hank Sherrman and Michael Denner along with some other Merciful Fate/King Diamond musicians form the majority of the band. People that drool over those bands would definitely need a bib for this DVD. The recording was done in November of 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. As I said earlier, I thought the release of this was kind of quick to come out, it might be a reason behind the quality of the DVD production. It looks like a glorified bootleg at times; it just has multiple camera angles. The video quality decent, but not as good as it could be. Besides that, Martin Steene didn’t look that comfortable at the helm, but he did have his moments. When they played their own songs, the crowd did thrash around some, but was quite stagnant at times. However, the crowd got more active during the cover of Mercyful Fate’s “Curse of the Pharoes.” They probably should write some more music and put some time on the road together before they do another DVD so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, they can still rip it up. Also included on this video is bonus material, including footage from their first concert at Cleveland Rock Festival 2003, in the studio, interviews, an image gallery and a biography. People that have the right stereo attached to their TV and DVD player can use three different audio settings, stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS.

Rating: 69