Lamb of God - Terror and Hubris (Prosthetic Records/Epic Records) - Back
The heaviness of Lamb of God is one of the main traits of the band. “Terror and Hubris” shows you what the heaviness does to the crowd at live shows. I was fortunate enough to see one of the live shows that’s on this DVD. The 2003 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival show was crazy. The pit attacked, after the singer told the crowd to mosh; it was INSANE! I doubt anyone walked out of it without at least a few bruises. They know how to get the pit moving at will. Nearly an hour long, this disc explains why these guys have come to the front of the metal scene so quickly, with only two professional albums. It’s impossible to not have you head nodding to the music. Its heavy, its rhythmic, and brutal as hell. The intensity the band show on “Terror and Hubris” does don’t stop, its inexorable. Four live songs, two music videos and the rest is behind the scenes footage, interviews and other stuff. Lamb of God explains about their band and what they are about. One extra on the disc that I had to mention is the winner of the fan video contest. People had to get their whole family involved doing their own music video for “11th Hour”. Seeing parents jamming with their son (the contest winner) was an awesome site. I got a kick out it. The only thing I would add to DVD is to make it longer. An hour is great, but if they added another half hour of shows or music videos this disc would be fantastic. It's a great effort overall, especially for their first DVD.

Rating: 89