Merciless - Live Obsession (Escapi Music) - Back
It seems in a day of ever advancing technology, bands that never would have even had a video ten years ago, are getting DVDs today. Merciless has been around for a almost twenty years and isn’t a band that you would think of having a DVD, but I guess it was inevitable. “Live Obsession” is a two DVD set, with the first disc being a live show recorded May 27, 2003 in Stockholm. Everyone seems to be doing live recordings in Stockholm; it’s a great place for metal! A few parts were hard to listen to. They aren’t tight all the time, at least not much as I expected. I wonder if my expectations are too high for a band that has been on the scene for a while. The recording was fine, but it made me feel like a second rate DVD due to some of the camera angles. Still, the crowd was up for this one, many people were moshing, horns in the air, and there was tons of head banging. The lead singer remind me of Matti Karki of Dismember with his presence on stage, and the musicians of the band always seem to be moving and bobbing their heads. It would seem that they play to crowd. For me, its not an overwhelming performance, but full of energy and above mediocrity. Disc two is the biography along with Hultsfred Festival Footage and behinds the scene shots, music videos, biography and discography. The festival footage was very bootleg like, half the time the crowd was in the way and it made you feel like you were on a boat; the camera was always moving. The best parts are the behind the scenes shots, you gets some laughs. There are some music videos on disc two as well, but nothing that is really all that great. If they were supposed to be making music videos you would think they would get some video footage first. It looks like they took what they had lying around added it to the songs. It doesn’t do the music justice. What all this bonus material really did was to add a nice nostalgic quality, it isn’t necessary good. There is a lot for death/thrash metal fans on this DVD, it might be worth you checking it out.

Rating: 73