Opeth - Lamentations (Koch Records) - Back
"Lamentations: Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire 2003" is Opeth's first DVD release, and what a first release it is! Everything that this band puts out becomes almost an instant classic. The show on the DVD is two hours long, and there is still a sixty-five minute documentary on the making of “Deliverance” and “Damnation” for a total of one hundred and eighty-eight minutes, a metal feast for the true fan at heart! While watching this show, it keeps going, it seems endless, and for any Opeth fan, that is exactly what you want. I can’t stop watching this DVD. Every time I watch it, I wanted to watch it again and again. It’s something that you cannot get bored with nor does it annoy you like most videos or movies would after watching it a bunch of times. Everything is very tightly performed, you shouldn’t expect anything less from a band with this caliper. Two sets of music, one acoustic, and one metal, shows the dimension of Opeth, and how they incorporate a whole list of musical genres and make it their own. For their acoustic set they played “Damnation” in its entirety and there is no need to list my favorite tracks because they are all great. A few of their more famous creations on this disc are “Windowpane,” “Harvest,” “Master’s Apprentices,” “The Drapery Falls” and “Deliverance.” Once again, there isn’t one bad track in the whole show. The flow of the music is good, the audio is superior quality and the camera work is exceptional. It keeps moving all over the stage, and changing angles; its makes this DVD more dramatic and interesting. Any Opeth fan would drool over this masterpiece, and any fan of music in general should be able to see why these guys are becoming huge in metal! I’ve seen Opeth a few times, and this is what I remember when I saw them. They are simply put, Phenomenal! This might be the best musical video that I have ever seen!

Rating: 98