Sepultura - Live In Sao Paulo (SPV) - Back
What starts off looking like a magic show turns into a Sepultura chant and a lot of bodies thrashing around. “Live In Sao Paulo” also captures a component of their live intensity, but come on there is no substitute for seeing them right in front of your eyes. So much energy it’s insane! The stage setting is a pretty clean stage with colored lighting and the tribal S on a backdrop behind Igor’s kit. Also on the stage itself is a silhouette of each members bust (torso and head) in a group shot where the standing musicians play. The camera shots add to the DVD but a few seemed out of place or a little awkward. Probably intentional, it is a metal video with people thrashing around. And speaking of thrashing around the crowd always seemed to be moving. Whether it was moshing, chanting with their fist in the air, or people headbanging, all this keeps the vitality of this DVD way up! Actually I should be saying 2 DVD set. There is 140 minutes, that’s way over 2 hours of Sepultura at their best. You don’t have to worry about a bad selection of tracks in this set. There is quite a list of songs. Exactly what you would expect from Sepultura’s immense repertoire of heavy beat driven tunes. These include classics like “Refuse/Resist,” “Territory,” “Arise” which goes right into “Dead Embryonic Cells,” “Roots Bloody Roots,” and “Escape To The Void.” The other half of the set is made of Green era songs like “Choke,” “Come Back Alive,” and ”Apes of God.” In addition to the normal members of the band they have a few guest appearances including original lead guitarist Jairo Guedz (Eminence) and Alex Camargo (Krisiun). There are twenty-one total songs during the concert on the first DVD along with the “Making of” and a band biography. They recorded the concert in their hometown of Sao Paulo. On the second disc there is a documentary about the band, video clips and live songs, a slideshow, and the credits. The documentary was filmed by Derrick Green and he started it when he joined Sepultura. As a whole, the video production and the audio are ok, but you would almost expect a little better for Sepultura. Not that you would expect a live production to go perfect, but I’ve heard better. There isn’t much else to say except for you will find yourself headbanging to the music. You can’t stop Sepultura!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins