Testament - Seen Between the Lines (Escapi Music) - Back
Here is a video output that many thrashers will be delighted with. Finally released on DVD after nearly 15 years, Testament's first video feed from their Souls of Black world tour! It features mostly older footage (first 4 albums) with documentary interludes between live tracks, providing you play the DVD all the way through. That always seems to be the best way to watch! As most of you "should" know, Testament have always brought a unique and special aura to the table like none so many have accomplished. Whence forth, this DVD sheds some light on how the California quintet began. It features the classic Testament line-up of Billy, Peterson, Skolnick, Christian, and Clemente. I believe the best part about this is, indeed, the documentary. The old footage reminds me of the reasons why I am a metalhead today. The hair, the metal, the strive, the moshing..... this is why metal is metal! Therein also lies 4 videos for "Nobody's Fault", "Practice What You Preach", "Souls of Black" and "The Legacy". The only thing I didn't care much for was the rather short running time. The Testament is again unleashed, regardless. Seen Between the Lines is remastered and re-released for everyone. I suggest ownership to all Testament fans if you feel the need for a more cleansing experience!!

Rating: 81

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell